The Voluntary Life: 293 Girona: Our Adventure Continues (featuring Hannah Braime)

29 May 2017

293 Girona: Our Adventure Continues (featuring Hannah Braime)

This week's episode features Hannah and me discussing our move to Girona. We talk about adapting to a travel lifestyle with a baby, the challenges of minimalism and travel, beautiful Girona as an expat location, and many more topics!

Show Notes:
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  1. Hi Jake
    If you are thinking of leaving Girona and going other places in Spain, I would like to suggest that you come to Malaga. Malaga is Spain as you imagine it in your minds eye (flamenco, tapas etc.) - and it is also cheaper than Catalonia (we paid €750 for a town house + expenses when we rented 3 years ago).

    I would love to welcome you down here.

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks Dawn! That's great to hear. If we do decide to go elsewhere in Spain we will definitely consider Malaga. All the best, Jake


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