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Nov 27, 2018

One of the challenges for private investors is how to address the risk of financial crises or a meltdown in the financial system. How seriously should you take this risk? What should you do about it? How should it inform your investments?

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Nov 20, 2018

One of the alluring goals of the productivity system Getting Things Done (GTD) is to identify your purpose in life and align everything you do with that purpose. That idea sounds good, but what does it really mean to have a purpose in life? That's the topic of this episode.

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Nov 12, 2018

Your job as an entrepreneur is to be Chief Enthusiasm Inspirer for a purpose that others can rally to. This episode is a chapter from the audiobook of Becoming An Entrepreneur by Jake Desyllas.

Nov 2, 2018

Is the family subversive to politics and religion? That's the argument in a book called The Subversive Family by Ferdinand Mount, reviewed in this episode.

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356 The Subversive Family